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Veterans Affairs News and Analysis

Breaking news covering technology policy and IT development at the Department of Veterans Affairs, ranging from modernization of the VA’s health care system to breaking research into artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Veterans Health Administration manages one of the largest health care systems in the U.S., and has been engaged in breaking research into medical care and advanced diagnostics along with broad-reaching programs to modernize its electronic health records system. Considering the VA’s scope, reforms to its broader IT infrastructure have wide-reaching implications for the lives of veterans and America’s health care system as a whole.
Wide-reaching funding increases are impacting services that provide essential veterans care, including mental health and coronavirus research.
VA's benefits chief sees promise in emerging technology to delivering benefits faster.
Digitization of claims and records has led Veteran Affairs to more efficiently allocate benefits.
This Memorial Day, veteran service organizations are embracing tech impacts and new ways of honoring those who served.
Technology is enabling the agency to broaden veteran commemoration ahead of Memorial Day.
Secretary McDonough said the agency will increase its scope of benefits provided to veterans exposed to chemical agents during their service.
VA is collaborating with DOD to improve transition support for service members and veterans.
Health leaders at DOD and VA are working through transforming processes ahead of the new federal electronic health record.
The agency will launch new capabilities within its interactive application for the public to give tribute to veterans digitally.
VA’s DevSecOps lead is integrating agile incrementally into its strategic priorities to guide its digital transformation journey.
The Air Force, VA and NASA encourage communication, training and empowerment to better adoption of agile software development methods.
The Department of Veterans Affairs describes data as a "superpower" unlocked by thoughtful data governance.
SAMHSA and other agencies are introducing communications and tech campaigns to support the mental health challenges of older people.
The agency has encouraged cross-departmental collaboration and adoption of best practices to combat misuse of benefits.
The agency's Million Veteran Program is advancing precision care and treatment for underrepresented populations.
USDA and VA are modernizing IT systems to prepare for the digital future.
VA is leveraging new platforms and services to provide better and faster care to veterans.
The agency is working to ensure veterans who need remote care are given the resources to overcome financial hardship or a lack of internet access.
IHS's acting director spoke on the current state and future needs of the agency as Congress considers the FY 2022 budget.
Secretary McDonough said with easing demand for vaccines, the agency is preparing care for long-haul COVID patients.