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Veterans Affairs News and Analysis

Breaking news covering technology policy and IT development at the Department of Veterans Affairs, ranging from modernization of the VA’s health care system to breaking research into artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Veterans Health Administration manages one of the largest health care systems in the U.S., and has been engaged in breaking research into medical care and advanced diagnostics along with broad-reaching programs to modernize its electronic health records system. Considering the VA’s scope, reforms to its broader IT infrastructure have wide-reaching implications for the lives of veterans and America’s health care system as a whole.
The VA Office of Connected Care has worked to boost capabilities in remote counseling for veterans.
Mental and physical health care required new strategies to reach and build trust with the public during the pandemic.
Co-founder of the VA Mobile OPS initiative discusses the agency's advances in providing in-home prosthetics care.
House Republicans are calling for more congressional oversight of IT modernization and cybersecurity.
A data repository is bolstering the agency's overall modernization program and consolidating data efforts.
VHA is fostering advances in remote care to better serve veterans.
2020 initiatives and stated plans from Biden suggest an ongoing dedicated to crisis outreach, suicide prevention and mental health counseling.
The agency has laid the foundation for stronger remote care infrastructure that will persist beyond the pandemic.
Former White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough positioned to lead America’s largest civilian agency.
VA and HHS has used financial support along with a focus on instruction to encourage remote care.
DevSecOps practices are transforming how agencies develop software faster.
Knowledge-building is essential for organizational adoption of artificial intelligence and DevOps practices.
DHS, the Air Force and the VA discussed strategies for implementing DevSecOps at a GovernmentCIO Media & Research event.
Veterans Legacy Memorial was one project resulting from a collaboration between VA and NCA.
HHS and VA officials are looking to holistic, cloud-based capabilities to get more out of their data.
Health information consolidation is laying groundwork for public health advances
Government executives recognize that process reorganization is necessary for leveraging new technologies.
A cohesive data strategy will guide both health records modernization and improvements in lifelong care.
The department released an action plan to address health care and technological disparities facing rural communities in response to the pandemic.
Cerner implementation is encouraging efficiency reforms across both VA centers and community providers.