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change management

Cloud leaders from address how they’re transitioning to hybrid cloud environments.
Joseph Thele and Mark Ricciardi explain how they plan to modernize VA HR systems.
The agency's new EHR platform went live at its next site in Washington.
Join our researchers for their top five takeaways from the conference.
The team is now strategizing how to incorporate more data standards into the technology.
DOD and VA leaders unpack their workforce priorities as the technology landscape expands.
The Army and Navy are integrating new cloud strategies to drive technology adoption and utility.
Leveraging patient experience data for product development requires strong workforce readiness.
As federal agencies modernize systems and processes, managing the workforce remains a crucial component to managing change.
Secretary McDonough said next steps in the electronic health record program, such as implications for training, are forthcoming.
The USCIS cyber division branch chief recommends a system of change control boards and incentives for major IT shifts.