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IT modernization

News and analysis covering IT modernization across the U.S. federal government. Rapid advances in business-applicable technology has spurred widespread reform of core IT systems, with government decision makers endeavoring to adapt new technologies to essential agencies. Organizations tasked with missions ranging from defense and intelligence to scientific research and health care continue to execute modernization initiatives that bring their agencies up to speed on the latest developments in data analytics, AI and information security.
Automation, Agile and DevOps could be the blueprints for IT modernization.
A multi-cloud environment is critical to supporting beneficiaries and agency operations.
The pandemic has exposed longstanding health disparities, the need for expanded access to care and improved communication strategies.
The Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate's centers of excellence are supporting forward-leaning issues through technology innovation.
The agency prioritizes IT developments amid shifts in workforce and health care.
The demands of a sudden remote work shift have fostered an integrated approach to cybersecurity.
Described as a forward-leaning agency, digital transformation at the agencies ultimately came down to culture.
The long-term technological dependence agencies face amid the pandemic highlights the need to invest in modernization.
The end-user experience first relies on technologies like cloud to ensure the infrastructure is in place.
The federal health insurance marketplace website operates within a secure cloud environment.
Implementing a large-scale project requires effective partnerships.
A new report provides an update on two major IT modernization efforts at DHS.
The agency’s IT transformation initiative allowed VA to effectively adapt services around the demands of the pandemic.
A GAO report found that the defense initiative is one of 16 top federal agency IT acquisition areas
The directorate's IT modernization efforts are still on schedule despite challenges amid the pandemic.
A revolution in remote work and internet of things necessitates cybersecurity measures that cover the corresponding risk.
ID Technologies and CommScope are working toward connecting the Air Force to further maintenance and mission processes.
Agencies passed FITARA 10.0 largely due to software licensing, Agile development and data center consolidation initiatives.
The agency is overhauling its procurement methods to keep pace with IT transformation efforts.
Delivering data 'at the speed of need' requires more visibility and usability.