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IT modernization

News and analysis covering IT modernization across the U.S. federal government. Rapid advances in business-applicable technology has spurred widespread reform of core IT systems, with government decision makers endeavoring to adapt new technologies to essential agencies. Organizations tasked with missions ranging from defense and intelligence to scientific research and health care continue to execute modernization initiatives that bring their agencies up to speed on the latest developments in data analytics, AI and information security.
The agency's deputy CIO, Dewaine Beard, talks new workforce initiatives to increase diversity and IT strategies to foster innovation.
Technology supported the Census Bureau through both the 2020 decennial census and the COVID-19 pandemic.
Army CIO Dr. Raj Iyer said the department is 'at an inflection point' for IT modernization to meet future threats.
The bureau's new reference tool transformed users' information access.
The Army's digital transformation relies on its ability to share data rapidly and securely while iterating on new technologies for a military environment.
Cybersecurity is a key component of any modernization strategy.
The workforce has a prominent focus in Gen. Richard Clarke’s modernization priorities as data efforts gain speed.
VA’s acquisition head says ‘Agile is old news,' and the agency is now turning to ‘technology-as-a-service.’
After returning to government in January 2021, Jones will depart from his position June 17.
Cybersecurity, cloud adoption and other strides are helping the State Department enhance its mission areas.
Of the $14.1 billion proposed IRS budget, $798 million will improve the taxpayer experience and $310 million will fund Business Systems Modernization.
Robert Califf aims to better leverage health technologies to advance health care and equity.
SSA CIO Sean Brune eyes improved digital services and security for the nation's benefits agency.
Network modernization efforts gain a large amount of momentum after Navy releases Information Superiority Vision document in 2020.
Agencies managing the immigration process find value in data management priorities within digitization efforts.
Upcoming management priorities require close attention on technologies impacting financial processes.
Senate confirms Robert Califf as FDA commissioner and Sohail Chaudhry takes on CTO full time.
An ICE call center is streamlining surges in case volumes received during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The agency has undertaken a cultural shift to implement new shared data visualization efforts supporting its mission.
Future iterations of the scorecard could include expanded cybersecurity and infrastructure categories.