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A civic tech fellowship program aims to increase the young talent pipeline and help meet agencies’ mission needs.
Shared services provide cost savings, but are not always the answer.
The Career Compass Challenge is one way the agency is hoping to leverage advanced technology.
Endpoint users will always be the weak link in cybersecurity. How do we mitigate the risk?
Some of the agency's challenges include modernization and recruiting top talent to meet cyber needs.
Among Jose Arrieta's initiatives as new CIO include engaging with industry partners and testing advanced technology.
Acquisition CTO discusses developments to improving efficiencies in acquisition through security and technology.
The agency's push toward an agile culture spans multiple efforts include tech modernization and a skilled workforce.
The 25 graduates developed cyber defense analysis skills in just three months.
Among OMB's Lesley Field's priorities are improved communication and category management.
Navy's top acquisition executive highlights the service's procurement improvements to keep pace with the speed of technology.
Agencies across the federal government offer programs to stoke interest in federal cybersecurity careers.
An upcoming study will address federal IT executives’ largest opportunities and challenges facing federal agencies now and what they will need to address in decades to come.
Agency CISOs discuss the future of cybersecurity.
Leaders and stakeholders across federal government agencies weigh the implications of artificial intelligence.
Federal employees from all fields are encouraged to apply before the May 15th deadline.
NSF uses crowdsourcing to find solutions to workforce challenges in the digital era.
CIO Suzette Kent and others provide updates about recruitment and shared service programs.
As a global shortage of cybersecurity professionals grows, the government looks to expand pool of applicants.