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The emerging technology could improve data transparency, accountability and security, say agency innovation leads.
Agencies across the federal government offer programs to stoke interest in federal cybersecurity careers.
Associate Director for Cybersecurity Jeanette Manfra outlines the three pillars for ICS security.
How do some of the biggest government agencies continuously monitor fraud or threats and stay ahead of the game?
Identification through DNA and facial recognition assists in law enforcement and disaster-relief efforts.
Agency heads say prioritizing what data to encrypt will prevent further roadblocks to accessibility.
Federal employees from all fields are encouraged to apply before the May 15th deadline.
Leaders in government and industry iterate importance of cybersecurity in modernizing veteran health care.
Protecting the nation's critical mission systems requires support from everyone involved.
This year's efforts include new monitoring tools and recruitment strategies.
Advances in cloud computing and mobile data require a new approach to protecting federal networks.
Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says the range of threats is too big for any one organization to fight alone.
As a global shortage of cybersecurity professionals grows, the government looks to expand pool of applicants.
The agency plans ways to incorporate user feedback and security testing throughout the development process.
Adoption of a commercial electronic health record will allow for fast adoption of emerging tech at the Defense Health Agency.
Pat Flanders discusses the work DHA is doing behind its electronic health record system and the areas of improvements in recent years.
Cybersecurity and risk-management strengths and challenge areas are key observations for VA security chief.
Officials from Homeland Security, Army Research Lab and In-Q-Tel discuss the components of successful collaboration with industry.
The two disciplines used to run parallel, but federal officials are finding themselves having to create the processes and policies that protect health data and systems.