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Zero Trust

The agency’s deputy CISO breaks down some of the tools he’s prioritizing amid evolving security threats.
Kurt DelBene outlines progress in his digital modernization strategy and the future of technology development.
Venice Goodwine, who replaces Lauren Knausenberger, will shepherd a $17 billion portfolio.
This panel explores how zero trust aids secure communication and data sharing to prepare the joint force for future fights.
Enjoy this sneak preview of our July 27 GovFocus.
The strategy, evaluation and analytics that reinforce application security features and defend against evolving threats.
The White House released a memo outlining five cybersecurity areas federal agencies will need to prioritize as they make their budgetary decisions.
Emerging technologies are improving climate modeling, weather forecasting, and threat detection and incident response.
A top priority at the Air Force is zero trust implementation, but seamless integration for it is complex.
Information-sharing policies and technical differences contribute to the complexity of effective collaboration between military services and their coalition partners.
CISO Lynette Sherrill outlines how the agency is using a zero trust mindset at the heart of the agency's cybersecurity approach.
The U.S. Army is tasked with evaluating its weapons and control systems, as well as the Mission Partner Environment cyber posture to ensure it addresses zero trust principles.
U.S. Army is in the midst of a significant restructuring of its program executive offices as it's working on building a secure unified network.
CISA's updated guidance provides more technical depth across the five pillars of zero trust and adds a new maturity stage.
Edge computing is vital to the warfighter but securing networks and enabling data access at the network edge remain difficult.
A new Army program office provides a centralized approach to implement zero trust across the enterprise.
The Defense Department is on a path to achieve a target level zero trust by 2027, but the implementation process will be arduous and highly complex.
Defense tech leaders at TechNet Cyber 2023 explain how JWCC will build upon the military departments' ongoing cloud efforts and software factories.
DOD CIO John Sherman outlines his IT priorities this year.
Software modernization at the Defense Department is key to maintaining a competitive advantage in modern warfare.