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Zero Trust

Increased capacity for critical information requires efficient and secure maintenance of systems.
The use of unauthorized technology has become increasingly prevalent in the remote work environment, weakening cybersecurity.
Air Force and CISA programs are securing critical data and IT infrastructures.
The Defense Department’s CMMC program and NIST guidance are helping agencies reap the benefits of hybrid cloud without sacrificing security.
The strategy calls on software developers to assume more responsibility for cyberattacks due to poorly developed code, common to the open-source community.
On the anniversary of Russia invading Ukraine, military tech leaders are focused on improving communication between the sister services and allied partners without sacrificing cybersecurity.
Former HHS OIG CIO Gerald Caron takes on a new role as ITA CIO.
Agencies are bolstering workforce training and zero trust to secure the hybrid workplace.
The Army's Unified Network Plan and Data Plan are driving zero trust implementation, but workforce training and education are key.
Cultural and technical agility underpins the Air Force's new zero trust roadmap amid Defense Department zero trust activities.
CIO Aaron Weis' take on a continuous ATO process includes moving to a currency mindset.
CIO Lauren Knausenberger discusses software factories, zero trust and more among Air Force priorities.
Faced with the future of hybrid work, government is focused on uniting people and technology.
FutureG & 5G initiative is hastening 5G adoption across DOD and investment in NextG technologies.
CIO Brian Campo unpacks the upcoming launch of the service's first software factory and his cybersecurity priorities for the year.
Securing open-source software is a unique challenge, and the federal government is just starting to develop ways to evaluate and minimize security risks associated with its use.
"My job as the CIO is done when Army senior leaders can explain the Army Digital Transformation Strategy just as well as I," Iyer wrote announcing his departure from the Army.
Join our hosts for a look back at 2022’s top cyber trends and what to expect in the coming year.
Narratives around zero trust, AI and user experience will drive ongoing developments in defense technology.
The joint force needs transformational computing technologies to achieve JADC2.