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The agency is working with academia and private sector partners to close the care gap between underserved populations.
The new legislation also builds on White House infrastructure goals to improve health care, drug development and more.
The agency’s investment in IT modernization has allowed the agency to provide critical services more effectively and to a broader range of veterans.
Dr. Neil Evans brings experience with health IT management and digital modernization to his role as VA’s tech executive.
New tech tools and knowledge-sharing initiatives are supporting women veterans.
Leaders across the veteran service organization outline how it is supporting veterans throughout the pandemic.
Secretary Denis McDonough addressed the department's pandemic response and how it will continue to combat the virus by focusing on vaccinations.
VA’s acting deputy secretary discusses new innovations to support veterans and how VA will prepare for a post-COVID world.
Agency CTOs highlighted the areas they're working on to improve IT across the department.
SAMHSA and other agencies are introducing communications and tech campaigns to support the mental health challenges of older people.
USDA and VA are modernizing IT systems to prepare for the digital future.
VA is leveraging new platforms and services to provide better and faster care to veterans.
The agency is working to ensure veterans who need remote care are given the resources to overcome financial hardship or a lack of internet access.
IHS's acting director spoke on the current state and future needs of the agency as Congress considers the FY 2022 budget.
The Department of Veterans Affairs is bolstering its managed services to support digital experiences and solutions.
Various modernization initiatives to improve public health have pivoted as a result of the pandemic.
Additional funding is providing $2.5 billion to the agency in supplemental block grant funding for states for pandemic-related stressors.
Emergency investments in telehealth and digital services allowed for broader access to VA health care that will persist beyond the pandemic.
The agency’s ongoing investment in digital services, cloud computing and overall IT modernization has allowed VA to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine with exceptional speed.
Senate and House VA leads are working together to tackle veterans mental health care, vaccinations and more.