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The service aims to harness younger generations in helping to reduce stigma and improve access to mental health support.
As the public health emergency ends, CMS emphasizes key technologies for post-pandemic operations.
Dr. Neil Evans explains how VA is approaching telehealth to close the digital divide in the hybrid health care environment.
The agency has endeavored to modernize its electronic health records and other tech infrastructure.
NCI is researching the role of telehealth in cancer care and developing best practices for continued integration.
VA Secretary Denis McDonough provided updates on critical initiatives, including the PACT Act and VLM, at the NPC Headliners Luncheon.
The agency is on the verge of releasing a department-wide data strategy while agencies continue focusing on cyber and CX.
Undersecretary Shereef Elnahal plans to improve veteran health access and services.
The agency's Operations Triage Group is leveraging data and AIOps to detect and mitigate abnormalities across the agency’s network.
The future of health care is incorporating more and more hybrid technologies and environments.
Ongoing public health efforts are tackling COVID-19 and other health crises.
Join our researchers for their top five takeaways from the conference.
We get an on-the-ground perspective of how health IT is impacting medicine at the point of care.
Telehealth leads Neil Evans and Leonie Heyworth discuss how VA has leveraged lessons learned from COVID-19.
Kurt DelBene eyes EHR modernization, telehealth and workforce development.
Smarter modernization, data, automation, as well as customer and digital services will see the spotlight in 2022.
Agencies are integrating human-centered design principles to improve customer-facing digital platforms and align with new executive order.
The executive was also instrumental in overseeing various data and cloud initiatives at USDA.
The agency is working with academia and private sector partners to close the care gap between underserved populations.