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The research community is tackling critical challenges in artificial intelligence, including trust and societal applications.
Cybersecurity, AI and health IT are major focuses in this year's budget proposal.
Increased capacity for critical information requires efficient and secure maintenance of systems.
Aronson will transition into a principal advisor role as NSF restructures the CIO role to include CTO responsibilities.
The foundation’s new Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships Directorate is investing in innovation across America.
The National AI Research Resource task force is developing a roadmap to expand cyber infrastructure for AI R&D.
GSA, NSF and VA are improving data sharing to gain near real-time insights and support cross-agency collaboration.
Federal policies are enabling agencies to build data-driven cultures in support of data modernization efforts.
Agencies are piloting blockchain-based solutions to make grants management more efficient.
Agencies must bridge technologists and business leaders to drive successful data strategies.
The funder of science research has a vested interest in the future of technology.
GovCast talks with the leader supporting scientific research and discovery through information technology.
Leaders and stakeholders across federal government agencies weigh the implications of artificial intelligence.
NSF uses crowdsourcing to find solutions to workforce challenges in the digital era.
The race for global leadership in innovation depends on investment and international collaboration.
Many of these innovations start small.
The technology can help better predict when catastrophes strike.