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Federal Data Strategy

Tackling government's biggest data challenges requires honing in on data.
Roat will retire from her position after spending over 40 years working in government.
The council discussed recent achievements around data ethics and training programs, but it's calling on industry for more input on future data goals.
NASA, State Department and USPTO leadership are approaching technology with consideration of preventing a major security breach.
The three-pronged action plan around data use, practices and talent looks for a scalable model toward modernization.
Deputy Federal CIO Maria Roat looks ahead on the 2021 Action Plan of the Federal Data Strategy.
DHS and ICE are standardizing best practices in how they are approaching data policies and use.
Leaders want to take successes in the marketing industry to help government advance its data efforts.
Cloud-based environments and capabilities have been a key part of Maria Roat's approach.
New legislation and efforts at HHS are looking at reporting standards for all levels of government.
Agency CDOs discuss what's in the plan and how it will shift the data landscape across agencies.