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Implementing a large-scale project requires effective partnerships.
The agency accelerated its IT modernization plans to expand telehealth and improve veterans' digital health services.
Designing digital services for the user and with partners are critical.
The agencies launched a portal that streamlined the reporting process for both the public and Civil Rights Division staff.
The collaboration with Salesforce led to, a digital toolkit to help governments and organizations reopen.
The agency has implemented flexible technological capabilities to support ongoing COVID-19 response efforts.
Effects of the pandemic on the workforce are pushing the Air Force's digital modernization efforts.
NIH, CDC and FDA leaders see health data sharpening government's understanding of COVID-19.
Telehealth, beneficiaries claims processing and the adoption of shared digital solutions were commonly seen across government.
The portal will help reimburse providers billions of dollars across the country.
The IRS launched a new online application to help check the status of their COVID-19 economic relief payment.
Former federal deputy CTOs and seasoned tech veterans bring digital services to government voluntarily amid the coronavirus pandemic.
In less than a month, the U.S. Digital Response partnered with several state and local governments.
NOAA is pushing ahead in digitization efforts to meet OMB M-19-21 electronic records requirements.
The cloud-based bot is scalable and uses AI capabilities to aid concerned users in the midst of the pandemic.
The agency is putting public health announcements, guidelines and facts on COVID-19 front and center.
Agencies need a robust, ready workforce to take on top IT challenges and goals of the new decade.
The world's largest pathological tissue repository can provide researchers valuable data to combat infectious diseases.
Experts tell Congress how the technology can drive costs down, while boosting security and operations.
VA is moving to DevSecOps as part of its overall Digital Transformation Strategy.