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NNSA, an agency with one of the most sensitive missions in government, plans to deploy commercial cloud capabilities for classified systems.
First of its kind strategy will guide the agency in achieving a more robust cybersecurity framework that will reduce risk and improve user experience.
Emerging threats against defense industrial control systems will have serious consequences if not addressed.
AI, zero trust and software modernization highlight an unclassified version of the Defense Department's defense strategy.
CISA is confident in the security and resiliency of election infrastructure, but concerns remain due to a complex threat environment.
The strategy lists secure, survive and strike as the primary principles for defense in cyberspace.
BYOD program will let soldiers and DOD civilians securely access government systems through their personal devices
CISA's new directive aims to improve asset visibility and allow to manage cybersecurity risks federal agencies face.
Women face many barriers to STEM careers, but trailblazers like CYBERCOM's Col. Candice Frost have a plan to smash those barriers.
The service is expected to issue a memorandum regarding policies that will support the cyber ready concept and continue to grow the use of DevSecOps.
The department is putting cybersecurity first in strategic next steps.
CISA is working on steps to help federal agencies address potential supply chain vulnerabilities.
The key to successful cybersecurity is "know thyself."
CISA Director Jen Easterly encouraged critical infrastructure organizations and federal agencies to aggressively shore up cyber defenses as Russia bombards Ukrainian critical infrastructure with malware.
Cyber experts at FDA unpack how it is shaping guidance for threat modeling to secure medical devices and health data.
Agency leaders encourage more women to join the technical workforce.
The pandemic increased the need for secure, modernized and evolved solutions to expedite federal response efforts.
InfoSec, Women in Cyber Leadership, and Cyber Resiliency Panels
The agency has implemented flexible technological capabilities to support ongoing COVID-19 response efforts.