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customer experience

DOL CTO Sanjay Koyani says user experience is guiding the agency’s IT modernization.
Key tools within the strategy include software bills of materials and data analytics.
The Education Department has been overhauling its digital services for improved UX design.
The agency is on the verge of releasing a department-wide data strategy while agencies continue focusing on cyber and CX.
Our second Women Tech Leaders event highlighted agency priorities led by women and discussed ways for women to get involved in government.
The agency is expanding its digital services and community partnerships to streamline the taxpayer experience.
Data leaders from GAO and VA discuss how they’re collecting user feedback to improve CX.
Focus on addressing prior lapses in services and care access have led to increasing veteran satisfaction.
AI capabilities and data are providing DOD and USPTO with a clearer vision of what the customer needs in order to provide the best solutions.
DISA’s HaCC empowers the warfighter by delivering problem-solving capabilities via user-centered design.
The bureau's new reference tool transformed users' information access.
Digital service leaders discuss the progress in a program that aims to have an online remembrance platform for every veteran interred in national cemeteries.
Human capital management improvements at the agency are enabling cost and time savings for the workforce.
Federal CIOs see the executive mandates as north stars for their internal strategies.
Join our senior researchers for a look ahead at the proposed FY 2023 budget.
Data released by external surveys show the agency’s facilities outperforming community hospitals in key areas.
Customer experience leaders at CISA, GSA and OMB explain how they’re shifting strategies to support President Biden’s recent executive order.
A new management supplement to the president's management agenda focuses on strengthening the federal workforce, improving program delivery and advancing equity.
Drew Myklegard and Eileen Vidrine join OMB OFCIO to support cybersecurity, data and IT modernization priorities.
Rep. Gerry Connolly and CIO Clare Martorana discuss recent changes to TMF and future priorities for the program.