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The agency sees data sharing and transparency helping hold airlines accountable for improved air travel experience.
NASA's new framework will be key to achieving acquisition excellence, enhancing the procurement process and improving innovative practices.
The Department of Education enhances the digital experience for 16 million users through implementation of the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act.
VEO’s Executive Director of Multi-Channel Technology talks the latest developments bolstering the veteran experience.
As the public health emergency ends, CMS emphasizes key technologies for post-pandemic operations.
With the Health and Benefits mobile app hitting 1 million downloads, tech is enabling access to key services.
The agency is creating new workforce efficiencies for DOD’s new cloud computing era.
Join our researchers for a look back at 2022’s top health IT trends and what to expect in 2023.
Tech modernization initiatives need critical tools to keep the user experience top of mind.
John Boerstler explains how customer experience initiatives are building trust among veterans.
This special Thanksgiving-themed episode dives into key initiatives in government technology.
Gundeep Ahluwalia said CX should be “baked into the cake,” not the “icing on top.”
CBP CIO Sonny Bhagowalia said cyber threats have increased by 225% and require improved response.
DOL CTO Sanjay Koyani says user experience is guiding the agency’s IT modernization.
Key tools within the strategy include software bills of materials and data analytics.
The Education Department has been overhauling its digital services for improved UX design.
The agency is on the verge of releasing a department-wide data strategy while agencies continue focusing on cyber and CX.
Our second Women Tech Leaders event highlighted agency priorities led by women and discussed ways for women to get involved in government.
The agency is expanding its digital services and community partnerships to streamline the taxpayer experience.
Data leaders from GAO and VA discuss how they’re collecting user feedback to improve CX.