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Government is moving toward a more collaborative approach, and higher education is training a multi-disciplinary workforce to meet the moment.
The core of the shop's mission focuses on enhancing the service's development and acquisition amid DevSecOps transformation.
The agencies examine 5G security risks, release best guidance to the public and help protect warfighter communications in a competitive landscape.
A group of IT specialists and scientists are fostering collaboration to enact transformational changes across the agency.
The White House's cyber chief outlined some of his priorities as he works to stand up and define how the new office will collaborate on a cybersecurity strategy.
VA is leading collaborative tech sprints in partnership with academia and the private sector to innovate new uses of artificial intelligence for healthcare and diagnostics.
The agency's data chief is collecting new information on social determinants of health to improve data analysis, health equity and trust.
RPA Community of Practice gathers experts to drive all-of-government progress with the technology.
The agency is looking to build an AI ecosystem that drives innovation and harnesses data's potential.