Listen: Let's Talk Money in Tech Priorities with Mint CIO

Listen: Let's Talk Money in Tech Priorities with Mint CIO


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Season: 6
| Episode: 25
Francis O'Hearn highlights key technology strategies supporting innovation in the nation's coin production.
Francis O’Hearn, CIO, U.S. Mint

Spare some change? U.S. Mint CIO Francis O'Hearn certainly can in the face of technological change impacting the manufacturing mission of coin production.

In 2019, the Mint produced more than 12 billion coins. In fiscal year 2024, it estimates it will produce about 14.4 billion coins. As the sole producer of the nation's coinage, the Mint also creates additional markets to improve profitability.

Behind all this is an IT and technology infrastructure that supports efficient manufacturing processes with security and modernization top of mind for its workforce.

O’Hearn oversees an IT budget of nearly $60 million and breaks down how his previous leadership roles in the Treasury Department, industry and beyond have led him to his leadership at Mint. O’Hearn discusses his vision for emerging technology like artificial intelligence to keep the agency's circulating mission alive through innovation and technology.