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Data sharing and interoperability are key for data quality and governance.

A new tool shows promise in increasing success rates of detecting cancer, and a new data strategy shows promise for future…

Health and tech experts address how data processes are creating new efficiencies in the federal health sector.

The Department of Veterans Affairs describes data as a "superpower" unlocked by thoughtful data governance.

Chief data officers across HHS are strengthening platforms that speed up data collection and management.

The agency has encouraged cross-departmental collaboration and adoption of best practices to combat misuse of benefits.

The agency’s AI efforts are progressing to include new capabilities in image search using machine-learning and automation.

Data readiness and cultural change are key to a successful AI program.

New strategies will focus on making data a strategic asset to the military.

The agency's Million Veteran Program is advancing precision care and treatment for underrepresented populations.

Tech leaders across DHS and IRS are integrating AI to streamline processes and uncover new efficiencies.

ICE and NCITE, a DHS S&T COE, highlighted the ways AI can support DHS mission integrity.

Federal AI adoption emphasizes collaboration and efforts to develop objective data models.

Medical data experts argue for components behind ethical AI and data use.

The program is providing opportunities for innovators to bring transformational processes and emerging technology to government…

Data-driven platforms are pushing new solutions and remedying the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NCCIH outlines the potential Brain2AI has for biomedical and behavioral research.

The agency is looking to build an AI ecosystem that drives innovation and harnesses data's potential.

New data capabilities to bolster its COVID-19 response and prepare for future medical challenges.

Predictive analytics with machine learning capabilities can get ahead of the curb in fraud and waste prevention.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is bolstering its managed services to support digital experiences and solutions.

Automation tools can support decision-making and should complement the workforce.

ICE and TSA share lessons learned in data practices after migrating to the cloud.

A NAPA report calls on OPM to leverage data analytics and modernize IT systems to support innovation in managing the federal…

The Administration for Community Living is leveraging data to train AI algorithms that deliver a greater insight into adult…