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The House Subcommittee on Research & Technology advocates for increased funding around AI, data analytics and robotics.

Improved information-sharing and basic cyber hygiene are some methods that can prevent major security breaches.

Agencies officials discuss the progress and opportunities in areas like data, security, AI, IOT and workforce.

GAO offers a unique perspective on IT challenges faced by the federal register over the past year.

Migrating to the cloud securely does not have to hinder optimal workflows.

Amid growing cybersecurity concerns, it will take more than legislation to prevent risks in the supply chain.

Cyber officials discussed their priorities and what federal agencies should focus on this year.

The agency provides a look at how the risks with 5G impact supply chain and uncover new vulnerabilities.

With AI and software increasingly becoming embedded in hardware, security is evermore essential.

With all the options out there, the federal government ran into unique interoperability and security issues with communication…

Bringing cutting-edge commercial cyber solutions to military partners quickly can help government's workforce gap while…

Agencies can approach security in hybrid cloud environments, including SaaS and IaaC.

IT and security leaders at USDA, DOE and USPTO share recent efforts to bolster their cyber stature.

Officials from CISA, GSA and NIST say information sharing will be key to managing security risks in the supply chain.

The career leader in government IT, deputy federal CIO becomes acting federal CIO and federal CISO.

House Republicans are calling for more congressional oversight of IT modernization and cybersecurity.

CISA aims to prevent major supply chain security incidents like the SolarWinds breach from happening again.

The Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center addressed various cybersecurity challenges during the pandemic.

Amid the SolarWinds breach last year and reliance on strong IT infrastructure in the pandemic response, agencies may receive a…

CISA is creating a cohesive cybersecurity approach for federal agencies.

Continuous monitoring of assets on a cloud server amplify security and privacy.

The two security methods can enhance overall cybersecurity protocols.

Leaders look to newer focuses in securing their ICT supply chains.

The FBI, CISA and ODNI formed a group to address the most significant cyber breach of the U.S. government in years.

The Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation program provides agencies with tools to mitigate cyber threats.

Good data and good relationships with cloud service providers can ensure maximum use of CDM dashboards.

The dashboards are only as good as the data quality and input.

Cloud-based environments and capabilities have been a key part of Maria Roat's approach.

Agencies should include digital tools in all supply chain security strategies amid growing emerging tech.

CISA and a DHS S&T Center of Excellence will develop a nationwide network of cyber institutes for budding cyber professionals.