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Health IT

Cybersecurity is a leading global concern in a growing, modern and complex computer world. In terms of government, Don Rucker, the national coordinator for health information technology…


Paul R. Cordts is the director and functional champion for the Military Health System at the Defense Health Agency. He retired from the Army as a colonel after 30 years of service

Dennis Crall

Brig. Gen. Dennis A. Crall is the director – Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Headquarters Marine Corps and the CIO of the Marine Corps. He is a career aviation command and control…

Dominic Cussatt

Dominic Cussatt is the chief information security officer for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Prior, he was a deputy CISO with the Defense Department.


For the Health and Human Services Department, modernizing IT isn’t just about the technology.

“It’s really about focusing on what the right business drivers are, to…


Beth Killoran is the CIO of the Health and Human Services Department. Prior to joining HHS, she spent 11 years at the Homeland Security Department. Killoran also served nine years at the Treasury…

IT transformation

Hear what the experts say about how government can best work with industry in an effort to upgrade outdated technology.


Current CXOs and other leaders share their best tips to incoming CIOs in government.

IT modernization

Government and industry tech leaders share what they're doing to revamp old, unsecure IT systems in their agencies.

Maria Roat

Maria Roat is the CIO of the Small Business Administration. Roat has 30 years of professional IT experience. Prior to SBA, she spent two years as CTO for the Transportation Department.

Todd Simpson

Todd Simpson is the CIO of the Food and Drug Administration, where he is responsible for providing IT services and support throughout the administration and its contractors.

Ron Thompson

Ron Thompson is the director of IT and the CIO at the Agriculture Department’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. He has 25 years of experience in IT service design, engineering,…


Barry West is the acting deputy CIO and senior accountable official for risk management at the Department of Homeland Security. Previously, he was the CIO and chief privacy officer of the Federal…