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veterans affairs

The agency is exploring ways to better deliver veteran care through emerging technologies.
Leaders at the agency discuss efforts to improve veteran care.
Agency thought leaders have positioned the agency to become a development hub in applying 3D printing to patient care.
DHA leaders discuss the first wave of the new defense electronic health record.
Bringing information security professionals in early encourages efficiency and a higher standard of care.
The agency's push toward an agile culture spans multiple efforts include tech modernization and a skilled workforce.
The best method for health data security and protecting patient privacy may be to start fresh.
A pathway to government IT is not always rooted in technology.
Modernizing the VA's electronic health records database could streamline the care process, assuming technical complexities are carefully managed.
Newly released Digital Compensation Claims Tool signals an era of innovation at the agency.
Combining practices from the private sector with advances in big data, the agency has begun systematically reshaping veteran care.
Agencies across the federal government offer programs to stoke interest in federal cybersecurity careers.
The Veterans Legacy Memorial is a pilot project with a targeted release date in late 2019.
Government data and emerging tech leaders discuss the ramifications of the data boom and how agencies can harness it.
Agency CISOs discuss the future of cybersecurity.
Leaders and stakeholders across federal government agencies weigh the implications of artificial intelligence.
An update on VA's current tech tools, services and priorities moving forward to improve veteran health care, as outlined by VA CIO James Gfrerer.
The VA's Financial Management Business Transformation leader discusses how technology modernization will integrate financial and acquisition systems to improve services to veterans.
Commercial practices illuminate a new method for technology development.