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The agency added 80 more telehealth services that beneficiaries can access to ease patient and provider experiences amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The bill supports IT modernization, telehealth, telework and security as the country combats the coronavirus pandemic.
The move is part of the national response to the coronavirus outbreak.
Veterans Affairs is focused on advancing its modernization agenda through furthering existing achievements and fostering interagency collaboration.
President Trump noted several areas of accomplishments, including VA reforms and research efforts.
VA touts digital experience accomplishments and goals for the year ahead.
Increasing focus on the end user is evolving how the agency thinks about digital services.
The design principles improve technology for veterans and those who serve veterans, such as with the agency's relaunch.
The initiative represents a step forward for VA telehealth and expanding the availability of specialized care.
A panel explored some of the recent digital transformation accomplishments in health care.
Leaders at the agency discuss efforts to improve veteran care.
Leaders in government and industry iterate importance of cybersecurity in modernizing veteran health care.
Increased usability and digital improvements to deliver care to veterans remain the Office of Connected Care chief's priorities.
Designing website applications is not innovative, but necessary, federal health IT officials say.