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TechNet Cyber 2022 , TechNet Cyber 2022

TechNet Cyber 2022

This year's TechNet Cyber event in Baltimore, Maryland, will bring together leading technology-minded federal leaders from the Defense Department and beyond to discuss how partnerships can drive cybersecurity strategies. Our coverage includes analysis of the strategies federal agencies are taking to prevent cybersecurity attacks and breaches and ensure systems are secure.

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TechNet Cyber
A years-long knowledge management effort is helping the agency stay agile with a shifting workforce.

There are big changes on the horizon for the International Revenue Service (IRS). President Joe Biden intends for the service to double in size and onboard more than 80,000 people, but the service is well prepared for newcomers due to a years-long knowledge management effort, said Technical Adviser Mary more

Latest Insights

The agency turned a month-long cybersecurity initiative into a continuous effort as a reminder to the workforce on how to stay aware and protect the network.
The key to successful cybersecurity is "know thyself."
Defense officials described how zero trust, ICAM solutions, DevSecOps and common data standards will optimize JADC2 implementation.
Tackling identity management within a zero trust strategy requires a culture shift.
Organizations should treat zero trust like a mindset rather than as a set of rules or tools.
DOD acquisition officials highlight the value of MTA pathways for acquiring weapons systems.