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national security

Automation processes first need a solid foundation for the management of data.
The intersection of technology and national security is a top focus for the intelligence agency.
The Office of Biometric Identity Management's new HART system, the largest of its kind, to help secure the nation.
Protecting the nation's critical mission systems requires support from everyone involved.
The agency plans ways to incorporate user feedback and security testing throughout the development process.
Officials from Homeland Security, Army Research Lab and In-Q-Tel discuss the components of successful collaboration with industry.
The Department of Homeland Security is still considering AI kiosks at border control and customs checkpoints.
Working together to develop the technology also means paying heed to the ethics involved.
To make breakthroughs, it has to be adaptive and agile.
"We need to recognize, especially in cyber, that we accept risk every day."
And to do so, it's taking a page from the startup world.
"It's when you believe in the ingenuity of the soldiers, things happen."
It’s a job too big, and far too broad, for just one government entity.
"We're definitely open [and] open for business."