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machine learning

IT leaders recommend identifying use cases to apply the technology.
Automation processes first need a solid foundation for the management of data.
VA representatives emphasized private-public partnerships and tying research initiatives to improving business lines.
The emerging technologies can predict, anticipate and protect against dangerous chemicals in the U.S. food supply.
Among Jose Arrieta's initiatives as new CIO include engaging with industry partners and testing advanced technology.
Various agencies are finding success in early use cases for AI, machine learning and RPA.
The VA enterprise cloud streamlines agency services and fosters advances in big data analysis and machine learning.
Emerging technologies and regional hubs are part of the solution to increase efficiencies in background investigations.
DHA and GSA executives provide updates and insights on federal agency IT modernization projects and training.
NSF uses crowdsourcing to find solutions to workforce challenges in the digital era.
Government officials from the Executive Office of the President and the Defense Department discuss the state of AI adoption and implementation.
The intelligence research organization head talks her passion for solving problems in the intelligence community and how its outcomes go beyond national security.
DARPA wants to use AI to detect AI attacks before they can do damage.
The adoption of machine-learning techniques is contributing to a worrying number of research findings that cannot be repeated by other researchers.
An Army Research Lab study found a gap in the practical application of artificial intelligence in that people don’t trust it.
The Department of Health and Human Services aims to transform business processes with artificial intelligence in new request for proposals.
Working together to develop the technology also means paying heed to the ethics involved.
MIT researchers launch new AI program to rate the accuracy of news postings.
How Mission LISA is tackling the epidemic killing 135 people every day