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Among Jose Arrieta's initiatives as new CIO include engaging with industry partners and testing advanced technology.
Acquisition CTO discusses developments to improving efficiencies in acquisition through security and technology.
Government leaders touch on industry best practices in acquisition, such as agile methodology, data transparency and human-centered design.
Technology plays a vital role at the agency's data efforts and shared services.
The position had been open since August 2018.
Leaders from government and industry rely on technology to overcome current drug crises and predict the next.
HHS ONC technology and policy leads discuss new rules to increase interoperability.
This year's efforts include new monitoring tools and recruitment strategies.
The administration’s new American AI Initiative drew attention mostly for its cyber operations and security plans, but it also focused on healthcare and the need to infuse AI.
The deputy assistant secretary for health technology reform explains the importance of health IT reform toward better serving patients.
If a health entity isn’t sharing information, it falls into one of these categories outlined by the Office of the National Coordinator.
New efforts would require healthcare entities to offer immediate electronic access by 2020 and to make shopping for care easier with price transparency.
The department is looking for innovative vendors to streamline purchasing, eliminate redundant contracts and provide purchasers with real-time data.
The two disciplines used to run parallel, but federal officials are finding themselves having to create the processes and policies that protect health data and systems.
The Department of Health and Human Services aims to transform business processes with artificial intelligence in new request for proposals.
Healthcare industry is adopting AI tools and techniques thanks to data accessibility, but to truly reap the benefits, data needs proper governance.
Designing website applications is not innovative, but necessary, federal health IT officials say.
How automation and user experience has improved digital services at Health and Human Services.
The agency is launching an AI Health Outcomes Challenge to find ways of predicting health outcomes.
A new report shows HHS still faces technical, legal and cultural barriers to seamless, internal data sharing.