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Health IT

HHS's Office of the National Coordinator promotes widespread use of health information technology.
A leader behind the relaunch discusses his company's digital services efforts at the VA.
The emerging technologies can predict, anticipate and protect against dangerous chemicals in the U.S. food supply.
Data and technology are at the heart of the research institute's approach to treating cancer.
A White House initiative aims to improve accessibility to claims data.
Major advances include automated appointment reminders and online prescription refills.
Bringing information security professionals in early encourages efficiency and a higher standard of care.
The best method for health data security and protecting patient privacy may be to start fresh.
Leaders from government and industry rely on technology to overcome current drug crises and predict the next.
HHS ONC technology and policy leads discuss new rules to increase interoperability.
Industry partner General Dynamics Information Technology gives its vision for the federal health IT landscape.
The Digital Health Pre-Cert Pilot Program continues despite commissioner's recent resignation announcement.
The deputy assistant secretary for health technology reform explains the importance of health IT reform toward better serving patients.
Increased usability and digital improvements to deliver care to veterans remain the Office of Connected Care chief's priorities.
If a health entity isn’t sharing information, it falls into one of these categories outlined by the Office of the National Coordinator.
Floor demonstrations and announcements include a cybersecurity best practices guide, wearable devices and more.
New efforts would require healthcare entities to offer immediate electronic access by 2020 and to make shopping for care easier with price transparency.
The executive order will guide U.S. development in artificial intelligence, plus other news.
The department is looking for innovative vendors to streamline purchasing, eliminate redundant contracts and provide purchasers with real-time data.