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The department is looking for innovative vendors to streamline purchasing, eliminate redundant contracts and provide purchasers with real-time data.
In order to fix it, the chief data officer is working on improving data quality and making data sets machine-readable.
China might have developed a radar that can detect stealth aircraft using quantum physics.
They already disabled a London airport, but can technology help?
When Orion reaches lunar orbit in the early 2020s, it’ll have technology on board to send back HD-quality video.
They share a list with terrorism, climate change and nuclear weapons.
Healthcare industry is adopting AI tools and techniques thanks to data accessibility, but to truly reap the benefits, data needs proper governance.
Artificial intelligence is setting up shop in just about every aspect of government operations, and it’s just getting started.
Companies are deploying artificial intelligence without standardized ethics or measured implications.
Alastair Thomson, CIO, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
The agency is focused on integrating point solutions, data and next-gen identity tools.
Backed by user research, real data, and ultimately, what veterans want.
A new report shows HHS still faces technical, legal and cultural barriers to seamless, internal data sharing.
There’s a bit more to the story, as well as less.
DOJ and civil liberties community don't yet see eye-to-eye on these issues.
“We can’t use the data if we don’t understand it,” federal CIO says.
A cloud environment is just another data center with minimal controls; it’s the security stacks that matter.
Govies show the riskiest behavior in social media use, physical security and mobile computing.
An AI summit draws top tech leaders and their suggestions for federal adoption.