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The agency's new initiative incorporates AI and machine-learning capabilities to advance health research.
Data analytics and artificial intelligence processes require a pragmatic, mission-focused approach to innovation.
The KidneyX initiative launched its second phase for innovating dialysis care.
Data and legislation can improve veteran access to health care services.
The agency outlined plans to incorporate predictive analytics in comprehensive behavioral health treatment.
Agencies are implementing data analytics tools and automated tech services to attract, retain and improve overall engagement among employees.
The app aims to create a digital workspace to share stories and remember the nation's veterans.
The Career Compass Challenge is one way the agency is hoping to leverage advanced technology.
The emerging technologies can predict, anticipate and protect against dangerous chemicals in the U.S. food supply.
For homeland security and trade agencies, moving from data centers to a hybrid cloud is part of the solution.
The agency's first-ever director of artificial intelligence lays out ambitious plans to leverage AI toward improved care.
AI leads focus on "low-hanging fruit" closely aligned with departmental needs and goals.
Acquisition CTO discusses developments to improving efficiencies in acquisition through security and technology.
Data and technology are at the heart of the research institute's approach to treating cancer.
A White House initiative aims to improve accessibility to claims data.
The center uses significant data processes and analytics in the effort to curb tobacco-related disease and death.
The VA enterprise cloud streamlines agency services and fosters advances in big data analysis and machine learning.
The best method for health data security and protecting patient privacy may be to start fresh.
The program's participation could signal groundbreaking research for underrepresented communities.
Government leaders touch on industry best practices in acquisition, such as agile methodology, data transparency and human-centered design.