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Meagan Metzger talks to GovernmentCIO Media about her tech accelerator
The plan aims to leverage quality electronic health data and advance an IT architecture.
The agency encourages organizations to engage with the framework and contribute to the standards' evolution.
Data can accelerate the approval processes for new drugs and medical devices.
A CTO, CDO and CISO plus a federal appointee are moving on to other opportunities.
The agency's annual report shows initiatives driven by digital services, data and IT improving national health research and care.
The milestone is opening doors of future blockchain-driven opportunities within the agency.
A GAO report highlights policy areas as the FDA considers regulatory rules around the technology.
The platform allows apps to be managed and provides more oversight into agencies' data.
The CIO pitches a strategy to uniformly modernize an otherwise federated and globally dispersed agency.
Incorporating outcome data into AI models can lead to continuous improvement.
The plan emphasizes end-user empowerment, leveraging and securing data, and a series of other priorities.
The federal health care community is hitting target goals outlined in the Federal Data Strategy.
The agency aims to explore the value of artificial intelligence in clinical applications.
An agency leader described how data has helped mitigate financial fraud and manage grants funds.
A working group's recommendations for artificial intelligence can propel biomedical research.
Government and industry leaders predict 'the rise of the CDO' and more.
The agency plans to tackle research-data roadblocks through its STRIDES Initiative.
Agency CDOs discuss what's in the plan and how it will shift the data landscape across agencies.
Health agencies point to a need for modernized IT infrastructure and data-driven decisions.