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Data management

The agency is thinking through how to modernize while sustaining core functions managed under legacy systems.
A multi-cloud environment can help government achieve greater efficiencies in data management practices.
Cloud innovators are enabling companies and federal agencies to fully leverage artificial intelligence and complex analytics in their business lines.
Federal health care agencies look to modernize their systems to prepare for accelerated innovation.
Managing the data lifecycle is a mission-critical task for all agencies.
Agency leaders are looking to apply artificial intelligence to create profiles that enable personalized and responsive care.
Data analytics and artificial intelligence processes require a pragmatic, mission-focused approach to innovation.
Automation processes first need a solid foundation for the management of data.
We dive into some of HHS' tech initiatives that improve public health like KidneyX.
The newly launched Veterans Legacy Memorial builds atop agency databases to create a living tribute to America's veterans.
Genomic sequencing requires crucial data management practices that include cloud and high-performance computing.
The intersection of technology and national security is a top focus for the intelligence agency.
AI leads focus on "low-hanging fruit" closely aligned with departmental needs and goals.
Among OMB's Lesley Field's priorities are improved communication and category management.
Wynn talks challenges in managing new and legacy systems, plus barriers she's overcome as a woman in government IT.
Technology plays a vital role at the agency's data efforts and shared services.
The cloud and high-performance computing are some of the science agency's IT focuses.
Identification through DNA and facial recognition assists in law enforcement and disaster-relief efforts.
The intelligence research organization head talks her passion for solving problems in the intelligence community and how its outcomes go beyond national security.
DOD's chief data officer emphasizes evidence-based decision-making, aligning data management efforts with DOD business leaders and building industry pipelines to drive government data science.