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artificial intelligence

The agency is looking at how to best apply curated data sets to new use cases.
The agency aims to expand RPA use across the federal government.
CVP Director on the benefits automation can bring to clinical workflows.
Leaders from health agencies across government are progressing in applications for the technology.
Artificial intelligence is becoming a crucial component to government IT strategies.
Cloud innovators are enabling companies and federal agencies to fully leverage artificial intelligence and complex analytics in their business lines.
Rep. Michael Burgess sees potential for future technology to improve medical care.
Federal agencies can harness the power of their data with the right strategies.
A GAO report highlights policy areas as the FDA considers regulatory rules around the technology.
Helping researchers answer most pressing questions in health advancements with machine-learning.
The agency is creating datasets to foster artificial intelligence development through private-public partnerships.
Agency leaders are looking to apply artificial intelligence to create profiles that enable personalized and responsive care.
Efforts underway are aimed at delivering better and more efficient care to veterans.
The principles are the latest move in an executive branch push for AI benefitting all Americans.
Government and industry leaders predict 'the rise of the CDO' and more.
VA and DHA heads prioritize end users throughout the research, development and collaboration going into AI.
Data analytics and artificial intelligence processes require a pragmatic, mission-focused approach to innovation.
HHS is making strides in innovating its cybersecurity posture through its approach to recurrent neural networks and beyond.
VA representatives emphasized private-public partnerships and tying research initiatives to improving business lines.
HHS hopes to change how the agency buys with technology.