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One study is the latest in a series of efforts to use AI to address mental health concerns.
Renewing HTTPS certificates are not deemed essential, plus other news.
Research and AI programs are approaching a standstill while funding for the U.S. federal government has lapsed.
This year, industry saw many technologies like AI and cybersecurity at work in the federal sphere and beyond.
The nature of AI programs could breed Trojans, a problem the IARPA is addressing with an upcoming program.
The Department of Homeland Security is still considering AI kiosks at border control and customs checkpoints.
They share a list with terrorism, climate change and nuclear weapons.
Working together to develop the technology also means paying heed to the ethics involved.
These revolutionary technologies should not be over exaggerated, AI expert says.
Healthcare industry is adopting AI tools and techniques thanks to data accessibility, but to truly reap the benefits, data needs proper governance.
Artificial intelligence is setting up shop in just about every aspect of government operations, and it’s just getting started.
Companies are deploying artificial intelligence without standardized ethics or measured implications.
Artificial intelligence tools, though often useful, can become problematic when faced with outside sources.
The 3D-printed robot floats around and responds to spoken commands.
The agency is launching an AI Health Outcomes Challenge to find ways of predicting health outcomes.
GSA's Justin Herman helps agencies navigate blockchain and and still finds time to build his own tuk-tuk.
MIT researchers launch new AI program to rate the accuracy of news postings.
AI is getting closer to natural language, thanks to industry advancements.
New committee leadership will oversee investments in AI and cybersecurity programs.
Trump administration wants Google, Microsoft and Amazon employees to take short government tours of duty.