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The Agile Advocate

VA leader Bill James supports adopting modern technologies to support Agile efforts in development.
Mobility is one of the most important factors to consider in law enforcement technology.
The newly inducted software executive will lead service initiatives to develop software more quickly.
The agency's push toward an agile culture spans multiple efforts include tech modernization and a skilled workforce.
Culture and emerging tech play a large role in DevOps efforts at the agency.
Government leaders touch on industry best practices in acquisition, such as agile methodology, data transparency and human-centered design.
A necessary component of an agile team is to go beyond establishing a comprehensive continuous integration process.
Creating a DevOps-focused culture requires understanding the 'why' behind the process.
Talking through metrics any DevOps organization should consider adopting.
DuPree discusses maturity in the DevOps entry point.
Part three of a series that will identify key personnel for a transition to DevOps.
The second part of a series that highlights most effective first steps for shedding inefficient and ineffective information technology practices.
The first of a series that identifies the missing pieces in the development of information technology in the enterprise.
The acquisition process presents challenges that an Agile or DevOps culture could alleviate.
These measures can help operations embrace DevOps and their new role.
How to get that carefully crafted functionality into end users’ hands
And do it before development takes off.