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Creating a DevOps-focused culture requires understanding the 'why' behind the process.
Talking through metrics any DevOps organization should consider adopting.
DuPree discusses maturity in the DevOps entry point.
Part three of a series that will identify key personnel for a transition to DevOps.
The second part of a series that highlights most effective first steps for shedding inefficient and ineffective information technology practices.
The first of a series that identifies the missing pieces in the development of information technology in the enterprise.
A high-tech prototype backpack demonstrates how agencies can address fear of failure and enhance innovation efforts with cultural support.
The VA plans to deliver products and services faster with the help of the private sector and an API marketplace.
The acquisition process presents challenges that an Agile or DevOps culture could alleviate.
The opportunity focuses on digital transformation with a defined solutions architecture, with help from agile-driven companies.
These measures can help operations embrace DevOps and their new role.
Industry experts advise government agencies to weed out the fakes
But using a Technology Business Management method is helping.
To make breakthroughs, it has to be adaptive and agile.
And to do so, it's taking a page from the startup world.
“You do not move to the cloud or buy new hardware so you can host legacy services. That doesn’t make sense,” says CIA’s Sean Roche.
The agency embraces open source, agile software development and DevOps.
How agencies can implement and benefit from agile integration