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DNA analysis with electronic medical records can improve health outcomes for the U.S. population.
Telemedicine and remote monitoring devices can offer cancer patients much needed support amid COVID-19.
USDA is leading data initiatives across government.
The agency is tackling data center consolidation, workforce upskilling, and modernizing its network.
The agency's tech efforts impact 9.5 million beneficiaries around the world.
Accelerating biomedical research involves implementing collaborative digital solutions at NIH.
Improving patient care through the advancement of precision medicine.
Applying data analytics to predicting and preventing the shortage of vital medical equipment.
CIO Gary Washington has been seen as a leader in various IT modernization initiatives, including cloud and security.
CISO Wanda Jones-Heath says thinking about the service on an enterprise level will spur efficiency and innovation across DOD.
A Defense Department program aims to track COVID-19.
The office coordinates nationwide testing of new treatment approaches for cancer.
Data-sharing tools enable the agency to collaborate across the enterprise.
Cloud technology unlocks many benefits for health researchers across government.
Improving acquisition for Soraya Correa means enabling the agency to better serve its national security mission.
Rich Haley's priorities include data management and cloud computing for unique mission needs.
The agency's IT shop accomplished several technological advancements to support the nation and its veterans.
Digital technologies can enhance how clinicians care for mental illnesses.
National security efforts include means to protect and coordinate with the nation's first responders.
Mobile apps play an important role in telemedicine and mental health.