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The newly inducted software executive will lead service initiatives to develop software more quickly.
Data and technology are at the heart of the research institute's approach to treating cancer.
The center uses significant data processes and analytics in the effort to curb tobacco-related disease and death.
The initiative aims to accelerate IT modernization using private sector innovation and government services.
The agency's push toward an agile culture spans multiple efforts include tech modernization and a skilled workforce.
USPTO leader talks how data analytics and cloud efforts are making strides at the agency.
A pathway to government IT is not always rooted in technology.
Culture and emerging tech play a large role in DevOps efforts at the agency.
The National Cyber Protection Team leader explains how our nation's military and beyond can stay ahead of security threats.
Creating a DevOps-focused culture requires understanding the 'why' behind the process.
GovCast talks with the leader supporting scientific research and discovery through information technology.
Wynn talks challenges in managing new and legacy systems, plus barriers she's overcome as a woman in government IT.
Talking through metrics any DevOps organization should consider adopting.
DuPree discusses maturity in the DevOps entry point.
The cloud and high-performance computing are some of the science agency's IT focuses.