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A Forum on Digital Modernization and COVID-19 Response at Veterans Affairs
InfoSec, Women in Cyber Leadership, and Cyber Resiliency Panels
A public-private association is advocating for trust and customer experience in the upcoming presidential term.
Watch a recap of our most recent event video, Artificial Intelligence: New Horizons in Medicine
Federal leaders discuss the future of work, including the tools and services that are enabling a safe and informed workforce.
Getting a handle on data strategies in cloud and multi-cloud environments can ensure efficient automation.
The VLM platform is a digital tribute to remember the legacies of veterans and service members interred at a VA national cemetery.
Virtual event held in June of 2020
Innovative approaches to DevSecOps include mimicking the real development space to anticipate problems.
Overhauling how government communicates remotely doesn't have to affect security.
The agency is using webinars and customer service tools to connect with industry professionals during the novel coronavirus pandemic.
The agency is improving access to patient data for veterans.
Strategies for managing data include best utilizing API-led mainframe integrations.
CVP Director on the benefits automation can bring to clinical workflows.
Veterans Affairs is focused on advancing its modernization agenda through furthering existing achievements and fostering interagency collaboration.
Federal agencies can harness the power of their data with the right strategies.
A multi-cloud environment can help government achieve greater efficiencies in data management practices.
Representatives from HHS, CMS, and Veterans Affairs detail their agency’s approach to centralizing data, building interoperability, and protecting the integrity and security of their platforms.
The Congressman and practicing physician discusses the challenges around reconciling privacy legislation with nationwide EHR systems, and the benefits of AI for healthcare.
Government health care leaders will discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by artificial intelligence, data analytics and robotic process automation.