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Data and legislation can improve veteran access to health care services.
The current IT and customer-service modernization push is tied with the agency’s history and mission.
Increasing focus on the end user is evolving how the agency thinks about digital services.
The design principles improve technology for veterans and those who serve veterans, such as with the agency's relaunch.
The initiative represents a step forward for VA telehealth and expanding the availability of specialized care.
The agency has focused on network diversity and limited tenure to draw tech employees to public service.
The USCIS cyber division branch chief recommends a system of change control boards and incentives for major IT shifts.
VA representatives emphasized private-public partnerships and tying research initiatives to improving business lines.
The Pentagon may lead the world in AI standards with new approaches to artificial intelligence.
The agency is looking to further develop on-the-go prosthesis care for veterans with limited mobility.
The agency outlined plans to incorporate predictive analytics in comprehensive behavioral health treatment.
Security leaders find value in tactics such as cyber escape rooms over traditional training.
From address collection to mobile self-response, the U.S. Census Bureau is leveraging big data.
Officials from the VA and beyond engage the community for feedback on their most pressing IT issues.
Implementing continuous diagnostics and mitigation requires a holistic approach to integration.
Agencies are implementing data analytics tools and automated tech services to attract, retain and improve overall engagement among employees.
Partnerships and collaborations will be priorities in advancing supply chain security for information and communications tech.
The standards agency is looking to combine private-public partnerships with a regimented approach to the internet of things.
The agency has outlined a dedication to fostering technical advances through a methodical approach to IT.
GSA MAS Program Director Stephanie Shutt breaks down MAS Consolidation efforts and next steps.