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The research community is tackling critical challenges in artificial intelligence, including trust and societal applications.
5G is transforming the digital landscape.
The roadmap outlines recruiting and upskilling priorities among six strategic goals.
Ongoing development and constant feedback are critical parts of the AI development process that requires culture change.
Agency leaders are looking at responsibly integrating the emerging technology into agency operations.
Agency leadership say the tool is helping fight serious crime more quickly and accurately.
Federal leaders from VA, IRS and Maximus explore innovating workflows and adopting new tools to enhance data efficiency for seamless sharing across legacy and new systems.
Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks spoke about the new program to build autonomous drones at speed and scale.
GovCIO Media & Research caught up with some of the top federal technology leaders on site to discuss current issues and trends affecting the United States Indo-Pacific Command.
Two Defense Innovation Board studies aim to shed light on overcoming some of DOD's biggest challenges to modernization.
FEHRM officials provide a status update and upcoming plans for the MHS Genesis rollout at military hospitals.
Agencies will see more benefits as well as challenges with the adoption of AI into 2024 and beyond.
Government is on a mission to address health disparities and close gaps through technology.
The plan supports data gathering and expansion, as well as support for community organizations' IT needs.
The pandemic exacerbated the number of veteran suicides in 2021, according to the department.
As agencies strengthen their digital modernization efforts, new threats are emerging.
Zero trust, AI and hybrid cloud were on the minds of defense tech leaders this year.
The agency saw some largescale digital developments this year around EHR modernization and increased health care demands.
A new report outlined China's growing priority in the cyberspace realm and what it means for U.S. national security.
A national strategy on the spectrum outlines a role for the department to assign sections of its designated spectrum to the private sector.