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Zero trust is sweeping across government. Following the May 2021 White House Executive Order on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity, IT leaders are implementing new structures to build the foundation for zero trust.
Agencies are aligning security and performance needs.
Modernizing approaches to software security leads to better detecting vulnerabilities and preventing zero-day incidents like the SolarWinds attack.
Ken Myers explains how GSA’s new playbooks are guiding federal agencies’ identity management.
Data standards and governance determine federal agencies's readiness for zero trust.
CIO Kurt DelBene stresses the importance of building the agency's vision and workforce upon the fundamental aspects of zero trust.
New policies are incorporating more flexibility to recruit talented employees.
The service sees a modern workforce a requirement for delivering modern services and data capabilities.
The Air Force is prioritizing key data enabling capabilities ahead of JADC2.
CFPB and DOE shift their attention to zero trust as they work to eliminate risks and build a higher level of protection around their software supply chains.
Realizing the DoD Software Modernization Strategy. A Bold New Vision for the Future.
Technology, processes, culture, training and funding hinder Air Force modernization efforts necessary to problem solve and stay ahead.
Protecting data from future threats could see benefits from implementing post-quantum cryptography into agency frameworks.
Federal health agencies are developing increasingly sophisticated methods for detecting fraud and other forms of financial crime.
Investments in technical modernization, caretaking resources appear to be benefiting veterans in crisis.
This National Hispanic Heritage Month, leaders from FDA and VA discuss how they are prioritizing diversity efforts.
The CMS and EPA roll out new tools to help transition from paper to electronic records in the wake of the looming M-19-21 deadline.
DOL CTO Sanjay Koyani says user experience is guiding the agency’s IT modernization.