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The position had been open since August 2018.
The Office of Biometric Identity Management's new HART system, the largest of its kind, to help secure the nation.
Associate Director for Cybersecurity Jeanette Manfra outlines the three pillars for ICS security.
A brief background on GSA's Centers of Excellence, including quick updates on the organization's progress with federal agencies HUD and OPM.
New tech has a place, but agencies should be mindful of security risks.
An upcoming study will address federal IT executives’ largest opportunities and challenges facing federal agencies now and what they will need to address in decades to come.
Government data and emerging tech leaders discuss the ramifications of the data boom and how agencies can harness it.
Agency CISOs discuss the future of cybersecurity.
DHA and GSA executives provide updates and insights on federal agency IT modernization projects and training.
U.S. senators compare systemic issues to tackle prescription drug prices.
New GAO report outlines agency best practices to hasten acquisition reform.
Identification through DNA and facial recognition assists in law enforcement and disaster-relief efforts.
Leaders and stakeholders across federal government agencies weigh the implications of artificial intelligence.
An online portal would streamline how government agencies purchase supplies.
Delivery should be simpler, better, faster and stronger, agencies officials said.
The Defense Department looks to AI for solving some of its largest problems.
The agency's chief data officer discusses leveraging data in its IT modernization efforts to make flying safer.
National Science Foundation CIO Dorothy Aronson details her key ingredients to innovation including how to approach tech like AI.
Agency heads say prioritizing what data to encrypt will prevent further roadblocks to accessibility.
New technologies aren't the only focus for federal agencies to modernize.