Survey Says Millennials Care More About Cyber than Boomers Do   

Survey Says Millennials Care More About Cyber than Boomers Do   

The younger generation is more willing to participate in federal cybersecurity efforts.

Technology itself creates an inevitable generational gap, as it’s been ubiquitous for most teenagers and twentysomethings growing up as digital natives. Baby boomers, however, have had to learn how to use and adapt to new technologies just to keep up.

It seems as though this divide can be applied to our willingness to actionably support federal cybersecurity efforts, too. Millennials might not want the government to spend more on cybersecurity, but they are more willing to do things like take greater responsibility for the security of their devices when compared to baby boomers, for example.

These findings are according to recent survey results from Accenture Federal Services, which asked residents of D.C., Maryland and Virginia about their thoughts on the state of federal cybersecurity. Though 55 percent agreed the government should be more transparent and proactive about data use and security, the remaining results showed an interesting generational gap.


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