A Government Resource for Entrepreneurs Working Off Sweat Equity

A Government Resource for Entrepreneurs Working Off Sweat Equity


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Over a million served — and many more expected.
Nagesh Rao
Director of Business Technology Solutions, SBA

The Small Business Administration has had over 1 million face-to-face interactions through its various offices, network partners and public-private partnerships, but isn't content resting on its laurels. In fact, the agency has focused on upping that number and figuring out "how we move that needle forward," says Nagesh Rao, director of Business Technology Solutions in SBA's Office of the Chief Information Officer.

"Administrator [Linda] McMahon has been very key in pushing our agency through her Ignite tour and other efforts of ensuring that local on-the-ground support and engagement through our network — be it our federal colleagues or network partners — step up the game a little bit more," he says.

SBA's whole mission is to launch, build and advance U.S. businesses, so entrepreneurs should use it as a free, public resource "to scale up and grow," Rao says. 

"If you're a true entrepreneur, you're always working off sweat equity, and the federal government is just trying to unlock our resources and connect the dots to help you do that," he says.

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