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GovCast tells the personal stories of the government and industry leaders transforming the public sector, and the bits and pieces typically not covered by federal IT publications. We share untold stories about how these influencers got to where they are, their passions in and outside of technology and the roadblocks they’ve conquered. These stories are not always what you’d expect them to be.



CyberCast offers a different and thoughtful perspective on the cybersecurity issues facing industry and government today. Todt and Cressey's experience in the White House, on Capitol Hill, and with Fortune 100 companies and small businesses helps us to identify what’s important for improving our nation’s cybersecurity.

The Agile Advocate


The Agile Advocate is a series of thoughts or musings on the Agile movement and DevOps in particular. It was motivated by the 1951 seminal work of social philosopher Eric Hoffer, The True Believer. It’s not meant to be a manifesto, but simply a series of thoughts and reflections coming from over three decades of developing and delivering software and systems of a wide variety to an even wider variety of users and customers. Its aim is not to evangelize or convert, but to provoke and stimulate discussion.