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Will Hurd

Installing a fiber-optic network for surveillance technology can also help the digital divide, plus other news.
The bipartisan bill passed the House in November 2018, and its sponsors hope to get it passed in 2019.
The Federal CIO Authorization Act of 2018 creates a more direct IT reporting structure for CIO and CISO.
Rep. Will Hurd, head of IT Subcommittee, reflects on challenges, opportunities and urgencies of federal AI adoption.
“We would be in a better position … if DOD led in the federal IT arena.”
In terms of companies protecting citizen data, we have a long ways to go.
“America does not make itself great again when it retreats from the field of R&D.”
To stay on top of global AI adoption, U.S. needs to invest in research and talent.
Pulling it off could set the stage for more holistic VA care.
Some agencies fail in data center consolidation and software license inventory.