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Veterans Benefits Administration

EEOC, NARA and VA are accelerating case management modernization to prepare for the digital future.
Denis McDonough discusses how VA will prepare for additional claims from the PACT Act after the bill is signed into law Wednesday.
The organization played a lead role in the lead up to the PACT Act. Now it is eyeing veteran suicide prevention and infrastructure modernization.
The agency's recently appointed Acting Undersecretary Josh Jacobs is gearing up for process improvements amid new legislation.
The newly passed PACT Act would provide support for veterans suffering from exposure to burn pits and other forms of toxic hazard.
VA is overseeing digitization of its education support and scholarship benefits.
The budget eyes prioritizing new allocations for mental and physical healthcare, facilities modernization.
Agencies looking to transform their IT systems and core services are driving change through comprehensive data integration.
The Department of Veterans Affairs unveiled new programs to expand veteran compensation and associated claims processing automation.
The agency is developing new data sharing and review capacities to get ahead of the benefits and claims backlog.
The agency is currently reevaluating how respiratory, auditory, and mental conditions are qualified within its disabilities and compensation program.
The agency’s newly released LGY roadmap lays out investment in APIs, centralized dashboards designed to streamline the homebuying process.
The agency has started paying out the pledged benefits to veterans exposed to chemical agents during the Gulf War in addition to compensation for those who served in Vietnam.
The agency is looking to bolster its workforce to complement digital capabilities in claims processing.
Investments in records digitization and partnership with the National Archives and Records Administration has allowed the agency to streamline its benefits program.
The agency’s investment in IT modernization has allowed the agency to provide critical services more effectively and to a broader range of veterans.
New tech tools and knowledge-sharing initiatives are supporting women veterans.
Leaders across VA address how they are focusing on efficiency to provide all veterans with their full benefits.
VA's benefits chief sees promise in emerging technology to delivering benefits faster.
Secretary McDonough said the agency will increase its scope of benefits provided to veterans exposed to chemical agents during their service.