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Veterans Affairs News and Analysis

Breaking news covering technology policy and IT development at the Department of Veterans Affairs, ranging from modernization of the VA’s health care system to breaking research into artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Veterans Health Administration manages one of the largest health care systems in the U.S., and has been engaged in breaking research into medical care and advanced diagnostics along with broad-reaching programs to modernize its electronic health records system. Considering the VA’s scope, reforms to its broader IT infrastructure have wide-reaching implications for the lives of veterans and America’s health care system as a whole.
FTC, U.S. Navy and VA are leveraging hybrid cloud environments to find new operational efficiencies.
As public sector organizations modernize, leadership ensures sophisticated IT enterprises facilitate data sharing that advances their core missions.
Public sector organizations have begun working on human capital strategies designed to support a more diverse and engaged workforce.
VA is driving innovative research to provide more effective, less invasive means of both detecting and managing diabetes.
VA is overseeing one of the most comprehensive research programs on long-term COVID symptoms.
The agency is using its modernized enterprise to better oversee the allocation of funding for its various programs.
HHS, CMS and VA have spoken out about recent Supreme Court rulings concerning Roe v. Wade.
Data leaders from GAO and VA discuss how they’re collecting user feedback to improve CX.
Focus on addressing prior lapses in services and care access have led to increasing veteran satisfaction.
The agency will review the Cerner platform to ensure readiness and reliability.
VA’s CDO Kshemendra Paul said cybersecurity and zero trust require effective data management.
AI leaders are making AI more accurate, accessible and equitable.
Refining and reviewing data models is essential for impactful application of artificial intelligence.
The agency is using synthetic data in support of health care and biomedical research initiatives.
VA innovation specialist discusses the importance of communicating value of human-centered design to senior leadership at the 2022 Government UX Summit.
FDA and VA received FedHealthIT awards for their efforts to collect, store and analyze data to improve patient care.
SSA and VA are improving digital awareness to keep pace with innovation.
'Mission Daybreak' is allocating $20 million toward mental health and suicide prevention efforts.
Innovation Chief Ryan Vega sees great promise in the power of technology to improve PTSD, hearing loss and more.
Digital service leaders discuss the progress in a program that aims to have an online remembrance platform for every veteran interred in national cemeteries.