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Veterans Affairs News and Analysis

Breaking news covering technology policy and IT development at the Department of Veterans Affairs, ranging from modernization of the VA’s health care system to breaking research into artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Veterans Health Administration manages one of the largest health care systems in the U.S., and has been engaged in breaking research into medical care and advanced diagnostics along with broad-reaching programs to modernize its electronic health records system. Considering the VA’s scope, reforms to its broader IT infrastructure have wide-reaching implications for the lives of veterans and America’s health care system as a whole.
The role has been vacant for 18 months.
And the department’s upcoming IT projects where these steps can be applied.
The department is in the middle of enterprisewide modernization initiatives.
The team is working in six agencies on 30 products, but its door is still open for 2018.
It includes remaining problem oriented and asking industry for help.
Pulling it off could set the stage for more holistic VA care.
The department expands on its “Anywhere to Anywhere” health initiative.
Researchers get help to quickly comprehend massive volumes of disparate data.
VA CISO discusses how to balance security with quality of services.