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Dr. Rochelle Walensky discusses CDC’s booster dose decision for some individuals and next steps in the regulatory process.
FDA’s biologics leader explains progress with COVID-19 vaccines and response to emerging variants.
Data management and digital tools are driving FDA’s efforts to respond to the next wave of COVID-19 demands.
The agency will be instating public health precautions to halt the spread of the Delta variant and protect the health of veterans and caregivers.
In this latest episode of the National Cancer Act miniseries, we discuss progress in cancer prevention research and practice.
Secretary Denis McDonough addressed the department's pandemic response and how it will continue to combat the virus by focusing on vaccinations.
Agencies brace for next phases of the COVID-19 pandemic amid vaccination mandates.
With surges in cyber crime, leaders from across government came together to help both public and private organizations develop cyber strategies.
Data sharing and interoperability are key for data quality and governance.
Secretary McDonough said with easing demand for vaccines, the agency is preparing care for long-haul COVID patients.
Leaders across DOD are continuing COVID-19 response efforts, but are projecting shortfalls from additional expenses.
The Cyber Crime Center outlines how cyber criminals are using the dark web to commit pandemic-related scams.
The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System quickly detected and alerted federal health agencies on the potentially fatal effects of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.
Well-informed approaches in supply chain logistics and mobile centers have pushed the agency to meet pandemic demands.
Efforts to secure the supply chain will receive additional attention under new presidential priorities.
Veterans Affairs has taken a leading role in the national pandemic response and overcoming barriers in health equity.
Secretary Denis McDonough said the agency will be able to accelerate vaccine distribution with the passage of the American Rescue Plan.
HHS OIG is tackling vaccine fraud amid high demand for the shot and misinformation about how to get it.
The pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in biotech manufacturing and the global supply chain.
The agency is updating its guidance around vaccine authorization and will require investments in technology for its distribution.