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Agencies are aligning security and performance needs.
SEC, USPTO and GAO use automation to maximize operations by reducing repeated tasks and optimize workflows.
USPTO experts discuss new findings and growth potential across AI and emerging technologies.
AI capabilities and data are providing DOD and USPTO with a clearer vision of what the customer needs in order to provide the best solutions.
Federal CIOs see the executive mandates as north stars for their internal strategies.
Agencies looking to transform their IT systems and core services are driving change through comprehensive data integration.
Agencies are relying on strategies like data minimization and supply chain risk assessments to protect sensitive information.
Successful IT adoption comes down to winning over your workforce.
Agile requires longstanding culture shifts and decisions rooted in data.
The agency’s AI efforts are progressing to include new capabilities in image search using machine-learning and automation.
NASA, State Department and USPTO leadership are approaching technology with consideration of preventing a major security breach.
IT and security leaders at USDA, DOE and USPTO share recent efforts to bolster their cyber stature.
Federal leaders discuss the future of work, including the tools and services that are enabling a safe and informed workforce.
The pandemic has prompted some agencies to shift long-term work policies and capabilities.
Increasing bandwidth early let the agency's workforce easily adjust to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Earlier efforts in DevOps are empowering agency missions amid the pandemic.
Data management and skilling the workforce are part of a multi-pronged approach to AI.
Leadership is focusing on stabilizing legacy systems, the cloud, incremental change and Agile methodology.
With a senior-level AI position on the horizon, the agency explores opportunities and legal questions around the technology.
An upcoming tool currently in beta will streamline the processes for users filing and monitoring patent applications.