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Cybersecurity, AI and health IT are major focuses in this year's budget proposal.
Cloud leaders at VA, NOAA and USCIS discuss the role of cloud in their strategies.
Next-generation security and automation could provide DHS with the network security they need as the threat landscape becomes more aggressive and dangerous.
The department is enhancing the way it shares data, best practices and use cases.
DevSecOps continues to bring change to government's culture and approach to security.
DHS and USCIS strive to achieve credible, dependable and comprehensive data in order to make informed decisions at strategic and operational levels.
DOD overcomes fear of innovation in the digital space and starts to embrace emerging technologies and tools in AI and DevSecOps.
Agencies managing the immigration process find value in data management priorities within digitization efforts.
An ICE call center is streamlining surges in case volumes received during the COVID-19 pandemic.
As an early adopter of zero trust, the agency’s cyber chief clarifies some misconceptions.
Recent lessons learned and efforts to quickly stand up data platforms are contributing to future strategic goals around data.
Agency leaders are pushing forth on security strategies for zero trust architecture amid new guidance.
The federal community has gleaned similar benefits from automated functions.
Software supply chain risk management and continuous monitoring are key strategies for maintaining a strong cyber posture in the cloud.
Federal agencies can start by applying a zero trust security model to cloud operations.
DHS cyber leaders have a laundry list of items for federal CISOs to address.
Data sharing and interoperability are key for data quality and governance.
As a founding visionary for its data strategy, Elizabeth Puchek discusses the importance of citizen development for citizenship services.
Federal and industry leaders say DevSecOps is enabling better and faster services for IT teams.
Iteratively working with and for customers enables better solutions delivery, both in IT and acquisitions.