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Kessel Run has been quietly proving how achieving a software-empowered organization transforms all facets of warfighting operations.
On the anniversary of Russia invading Ukraine, military tech leaders are focused on improving communication between the sister services and allied partners without sacrificing cybersecurity.
Spirit Realm, one of the newest USAF software factories, will support B-2 stealth bomber operational capability.
Narratives around zero trust, AI and user experience will drive ongoing developments in defense technology.
A new zero trust strategy may alleviate department challenges in creating a connected ecosystem on military bases.
Technology, processes, culture, training and funding hinder Air Force modernization efforts necessary to problem solve and stay ahead.
Integrating operational processes across the armed services and information-sharing will hinder JADC2 if left unaddressed.
DOD space leaders want rapid, iterative development of JADC2 capabilities, but need to communicate securely.
The Air Force and the Chief Digital and AI Office laid out AI development plans.
DOD leaders say you can't have JADC2 without zero trust and a "data-centric" approach to cyber.
Defense officials described how zero trust, ICAM solutions, DevSecOps and common data standards will optimize JADC2 implementation.
Kessel Run, DOD's first software factory, is about to help one air combat command unit move all operations to a software environment designed via DevSecOps.
Defense leads say digital modernization strategies must rely on the right data to serve mission needs.
DOD acquisition officials highlight the value of MTA pathways for acquiring weapons systems.
A new Chief Digital and AI Officer will streamline and build upon AI efforts across DOD like those in the Air Force.
Regular user surveys and constant monitoring go a long way.
Federal cyber leaders clamor for cyber incident reporting legislation amid zero trust implementation.
'As-a-service' models are enabling a digital-first modernization strategy.
Kessel Run hopes its work will encourage more collaboration across the Defense Department.
DOD's IT modernization challenges warfighters to think beyond tactical skills.