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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

With one authority largely used during the pandemic about to expire, the agency is modernizing tools and processes to prepare for heightened immigration surges.
The Technology Modernization Fund is unlocking new tech initiatives as CIOs juggle competing priorities and budgets.
Agencies managing the immigration process find value in data management priorities within digitization efforts.
The agency has undertaken a cultural shift to implement new shared data visualization efforts supporting its mission.
Eric Hysen brings his experience at USCIS to a reimagined office focused on cybersecurity and data management.
As a founding visionary for its data strategy, Elizabeth Puchek discusses the importance of citizen development for citizenship services.
The agency's tech leads saw operational efficiencies in a reorganized IT infrastructure that is adaptable to change.
The agency's multi-cloud environment is presenting lessons around security and application migration.
ICE and USCIS have advanced their data strategies with automation over the past year.
Shared services provide cost savings, but are not always the answer.
USDS is transforming online federal services, but hopefully it won’t do that forever.