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Agencies are turning to programs that incorporate personas and mission-specific applications to get their workforce trained on data operations.
Agencies are bolstering workforce training and zero trust to secure the hybrid workplace.
Partnerships are crucial enablers for helping the Defense Department counter growing threats.
Denis McDonough discusses how VA will prepare for additional claims from the PACT Act after the bill is signed into law Wednesday.
The Navy and NSA believe collaborative public-private partnership and training will significantly boost overall cybersecurity posture.
Federal health IT leaders highlight how training the workforce, recognizing business needs and building trust are key for successful data modernization.
The agency's veteran readiness division lead explains new digital tools that are improving veteran employment services.
Government and academia are partnering to promote diversity across the cybersecurity workforce.
The agency's new EHR platform went live at its next site in Washington.
Federal technology leaders outline the connection between workforce and CX to improve mission outcomes.
A group of IT specialists and scientists are fostering collaboration to enact transformational changes across the agency.
The agency's VETS program has focused on applying new IT capacities and partnership with other agencies to provide additional resources for veterans.
Agency leaders outline a focus on training, readiness and transparency in tackling the next stages of its electronic health records.
Secretary Denis McDonough discussed findings and next steps from its strategic review of the electronic health record modernization program.
Secretary McDonough said next steps in the electronic health record program, such as implications for training, are forthcoming.
CDO Ram Iyer noted FDA’s data progress preparing for emerging technologies since the launch of its roadmap in March 2021.
Training and sharing of practices within and across agencies are vital for successful DevOps.
Federal tech executives tout knowledge sharing and organizational reforms crucial for enabling remote work.
A new approach to training service providers is essential to bake cybersecurity into health care.
Jose Arrieta's team is looking at innovative ways to stay ahead of security risks and keep the workforce trained on the newest systems.