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supply chain security

Join our hosts for an update on evolving federal cyber priorities.
CFPB and DOE shift their attention to zero trust as they work to eliminate risks and build a higher level of protection around their software supply chains.
SBOMs and transparency are key to resilient cybersecurity models.
Future iterations of the scorecard could include expanded cybersecurity and infrastructure categories.
The agency is working on the methodology behind implementing robust strategies to secure its systems and supply chain.
Software supply chain risk management and continuous monitoring are key strategies for maintaining a strong cyber posture in the cloud.
Zero trust and infrastructure security measures gain traction across government.
A permanent supply chain program will help the agency prevent shortages of medical devices.
Leaders across the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research are applying lessons learned from the pandemic on its response to therapies for emerging variants.
Eric Hysen brings his experience at USCIS to a reimagined office focused on cybersecurity and data management.
With surges in cyber crime, leaders from across government came together to help both public and private organizations develop cyber strategies.
Transitioning to 5G is a key strategy for federal agencies' network modernization efforts, but the next generation of communication comes with unique supply chain hazards.
Cybersecurity leaders discuss how the agency is implementing new cyber controls to protect medical device integrity.
An Atlantic Council leader advocates for greater empowerment of the CISO role.
Amid growing cybersecurity concerns, it will take more than legislation to prevent risks in the supply chain.
Cyber officials discussed their priorities and what federal agencies should focus on this year.
The agency provides a look at how the risks with 5G impact supply chain and uncover new vulnerabilities.
Officials from CISA, GSA and NIST say information sharing will be key to managing security risks in the supply chain.
A research institute is working with the agency to innovate detection and monitoring capabilities around contraband and other illegal imports.
The FBI, CISA and ODNI formed a group to address the most significant cyber breach of the U.S. government in years.