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A geospatial data leader is helping to build visual intelligence to uncover the effects of Russia’s war for the public.
Recent appointments show growing priorities around emerging technologies and maintaining a national strategic edge. 
Agencies including NARA, Commerce and State are tackling longstanding issues around shadow IT and decentralized systems.
5G can bolster data-sharing and speed of delivery, but requires proper cloud and data infrastructure.
Cybersecurity, cloud adoption and other strides are helping the State Department enhance its mission areas.
Cloud leaders address how they’re transitioning to hybrid cloud environments.
Cybersecurity is a challenge in hybrid cloud environments with disparate missions.
Partnerships are enabling well-rounded capabilities at GAO, GSA and State.
For many agencies, extended telework policies may require reevaluation of cyber risk posture.
Federal IT leads say the strategy lets agencies ‘use the tools we have’ to modernize security.
CISA official says current practices are likely to become part of long-term guidance.
AI and big data are among the tech opportunities in the agency's IT modernization.
Earlier efforts in DevOps are empowering agency missions amid the pandemic.
Managing the data lifecycle is a mission-critical task for all agencies.
The CIO pitches a strategy to uniformly modernize an otherwise federated and globally dispersed agency.
Early use cases create secure connections for branch offices and remote users.
Federal CIO Suzette Kent described the fund's potential to drive federal IT innovation.
"The static state of the federal government of the last century doesn't exist anymore."
It’ll take more education, internal process assessment and pilots — but it’s happening.
Three pilots are in the works to address some of these challenges.